About Miss K

My previous blog started when I had trouble conceiving my first child. After about a year of trying we consulted an RE. My husband checked out just fine, but I had some minor hormone imbalances. My progesterone levels were too low and my prolactin was elevated. Before more testing could be done, I became pregnant with my son, L. With progesterone support, I delivered a healthy baby boy on February 25, 2008. We were ecstatic!  Just a few months later, I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, E.  With a lot of progesterone support, she was born on June 15, 2009.

I'm now in the phase of life where I try to figure out how to juggle work, grad school, and two kids.  I work for the space program and have a deep love of all things NASA.  I am an avid reader, a devoted (if not depressed) Cubs fan, a really geeky Hunger Games fangirl and a book blogger.  I write a lot about where I fit in and all of the conflicting emotions that seem to go along with being a working mom.

Thanks for stopping by......