Monday, October 26, 2009

The Lost Week

You know the kind of week where everything is taken over by sickness? We were there last week. After dropping off a seemingly healthy L at daycare, I got a call that he was running a temp of 102.5 I was bummed, not just because of the sickness, but because he was due to have his regular flu shot the next day. We took him in, anyway, in the hopes of talking Dr. I into a shot, but one look in his ears and it was a diagnosis of an ear infection. I hate it when the kids get sick because they so rarely do (knock on wood) and I feel like I'm out of my element. As any good 21st century parent would do, I turned to my Twitter friends to help me figure out such things as Tylenol dosage and Motrin use. What did I do before Twitter? I shudder to think.

Besides the stress of having a sick and cranky 20 month old to take care of, there was the stress of who would take off of work. Normally, we rotate or M, who always has more leave, takes the day off. When one day became almost all week, things started to get a little more complicated. What do working couples with habitually sick kids do? How do you avoid the "whose career is more important" showdown? Everything ended up being ok, but I admit that I felt self-conscience coming and going from work. Especially since I am the only one in my department with young kids. I realize that they can't penalize me for a sick child (I work in HR) but the Type-A achiever in me wants to be there 100% for everyone 100% of the time. If I didn't know it before, I certainly know now: that just isn't possible. The ear infection was viral and L finally went back on Friday.

It was a relief to sit at my desk this morning and know that L and E were both happy and healthy at daycare. E passed her 4 month exam with flying colors and weighed in at 17.5lbs and is 25inches long. Whoa. Thankfully, E never got sick (again with the wood knocking) and I am hoping that it will stay that way.

They are back to their old tricks.


  1. I'm so glad L is better. Ear infections are so hard - Smooch has had his fair share of them. In fact we go on Wednesday for a hearing test to make sure they haven't damaged his hearing. As for balancing work and sick kids I've always been the one to take more time because I work for the state and have way more flexibility. It doesn't seem fair though!

  2. It's so sad that we live in a country where families are not supported more. In the UK, Europe, hell most of the rest of the world, you won't have to worry about such things; if your child was sick you could stay home. They sadder thing is that regardless of what HR rules say most American workers KNOW if they miss a lot of work for a sick child or their own illness they will probably get canned eventually, or at least not move forward. I know when I was in corporate America it was always made very clear to me that if I wanted to keep my job I better be there all the time, forget about sick leave, forget about vacations.

  3. Sorry to hear L was sick. The two of them are adorable together!

  4. Love these pictures!!

    So sorry to hear they were sick! That's the worst!

  5. I love that last picture of the two of them together--so cute! And yes, I totally sympathize on the work/sick kid issue. Its a toughie.

  6. I dread our crew getting sick! Fortunately they don't do it often. I'm glad you only had one with major illness.

    E is doing amazing! 17.5lbs and 25"!? Wow!!