Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blog You Very Much

As I was catching up on my blogroll, I came across the always wonderful JJ, who inspired me to write a post about the people in my life who inspire me to keep blogging and, in many cases, just to keep going.  Being grateful is one thing, but telling the people who help you that you are grateful is a wonderful exercise.  It makes you very aware of all of the good things you have in your life.  I highly recommend it!

Thank you, JJ for starting the Braces Bunch and giving me a means of support that has gone on for over two years (?) now.  I have gotten so much strength and inspiration from everyone's struggles and triumphs.  What a wonderful community!

Thank you, Amy @ A Somewhat Ordinary Life, for always being such a great Twitter friend and commiserator (is that a word?) when it comes to the craziness of having a toddler.  I love that our boys are so close in age!

Thank you, Seussgirl, for always being there with a note or a card. You have your hands sooo full right now, yet you always find the time to reach out to people. 

Thank you, Darcie, for always leaving encouraging comments and for being my coupon inspiration! You are always one of the first people to leave me a message and I appreciate it so much. It's nice knowing another
mom with two that are so close in age.

Thank you, Kate, for your blog posts, love of NASA, and for being so ::awesomesauce::

Thank you to Kelly and Danielle. I love you both and couldn't get through most days without you.

Thank you, Maura, for being such a great friend. When I had to go back into the hospital after I had E, you didn't hesitate to help. It made me feel so much better because I knew that L was somewhere safe and fun. I will never forget that kindness.

Thank you, Teal, for all of your help in life and in all things related to graphic design.  (The Foundation thanks you, too).

Lastly, thank you members of The Plan 2010!  I love the little community we have going and I can already tell that this is going to be a great thing for everyone!

Do you have people you would like to thank?


  1. Awww Honey. It is YOU who is ::awesomesauce::. Thanks for making me feel like you'll be there, no matter what. I need that.

    Thank you also for being so damn beautiful and smart -- it makes me look better by association. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  2. Ah, ::blushes:: thanks Kate. I read somewhere once (on your old blog actually I think) that comments are the new hug.
    I know how excited I get when someone leaves me a comment...(Just today a local tv reporter left one on my blog! GASP!) so I love to return the favor.
    It's sort of like virtual happy mail.
    And I swear, without each other telling our stories about the day we had from hell, or just how awesome it is to see our kids holding hands in the back seat...I'd think I was going crazy!
    Much Love to you!

  3. Youve been in my google reader since the beginning--and Ill be with you always! SO glad you are a Buncher--thanks for the BYVM post shout out! xoxo

  4. Aw, shucks. :P
    Now I feel inspired to send some more mail!
    Thanks so much to you for being a great blogger friend and Buncher!