Friday, April 1, 2011

Act of Kindness Friday: Pocket Ninja

Life has been overwhelming, lately.  I've been struggling to keep my head above water with school and work and family.  There have been lots of mini-meltdowns, and it's not the kids doing the crying.  When I was trying to get pregnant and that first anniversary came and went, I had that same feeling of being overwhelmed.  Even some of my closest friends didn't understand and I felt very alone.  Being a part of the Braces Bunch gave me sympathetic, non-judgmental shoulders to cry on and I will always be grateful for that.  I have met so many wonderful people through this group and I count them as good friends.  Just a few days ago, I got a little package in the mail from fellow buncher, Suzy.  In it was this little guy.

Pocket Ninja

He's my pocket ninja and I keep him in my purse at all times.  He arrived just when I needed a reminder that there are people who care and are with me in spirit.  Thanks, Suzy, it means so much to me. 

Would you like to join in? Write about an act of kindness!


  1. you are awesome Kate!

    just thought you needed to know.

  2. Aren't the ninja's great! Mine is watching over me and so glad your's is too!

  3. I'm so slow commenting, but I'm glad you're Ninja is there watching over you!!! Hope it reminds you how awesome you are!


  4. How cool is that? i need a ninja ASAP lol. One day I was feeling very ovewelmend and I got a sweet note from Rececca . She is so busy and even more so overwelment with life and still she took the time to make me feel special and loved. Braces Bunch rock!