Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

I don't really remember when I started reading Heather's blog. She had a cute and hilarious baby who was three months older than Luke and her posts were both funny and touching. I had a post in mind today that ended up being a big fucking downer. Even though I don't know the Spohrs, I gather that they would like Maddie's life to be celebrated - especially today.

Maddie was a joy to read about. I loved watching the movies and reading the posts about her. It seems odd to look forward to seeing photos of a stranger's child, but I think that those of you that read Heather's blog understand. (If you've never read her blog, this is one of my favorite posts and I think it speaks to Mike, Heather and Maddie's strength as a family.)

Today I celebrate Maddie Spohr. She would have turned two in a blaze of glory, I'm sure. We miss you and your smiles, Maddie! To paraphrase (re-write) something that Matt once wrote:

It was nice day, a day Maddie would have loved. She's not here, so we loved it for her.


  1. thinking of Heather and Mike and little Miss Maddie today - and trying to remind myself just how blessed I am...even if I am barely treading water myself.
    xoxo -

  2. I've been thinking about her all day today. Thanks for that post.

  3. They are as awesome in person as Heather comes across in her blog...She is a whole lotta fun, too...met Maddie once...she played so nicely and was sweet with the toys...her beautiful eyes continue to stand out in my mind...Pretty sure she changed us all!! Jeffra