Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too Quickly


We live by our routines. Some families have fluid bedtimes and love to go with the flow, but not us. We eat, sleep and play at the same time every weekday. There is comfort in a predictable routine. It's comforting for the kids and it gives the grow-ups something to look forward to: quiet time. When we get home from daycare the routine ends up being almost as hurried as the one in the morning. Dinner for L (whatever we can talk him into eating), family play time, baths and then both kids get milk/bottles and fall asleep. L hops off of his dad's lap, blows me a kiss and goes to his crib. For a few minutes I am alone with E.

As I was rocking E to sleep last night, I had one of those rare moments when you know, you just know, that this will be remembered. Perhaps I will be rocking my grandchild to sleep and I will look down, think of that moment, and say to myself, "It seems like just yesterday I was rocking E."

Already, I look back at photos of her as a newborn and feel a knot in my stomach. Perhaps because know she is my last child or maybe because after having one baby, you realize just how quickly they grow up. Whatever the reason, I wish I could somehow record all of it as a feeling. I would be a billionaire if I developed a pill that recreated the feeling you have when you rock your child to sleep. Since I'm not smart enough and far too tired to do that, I'll just try to appreciate L and E as they are every night. I will try to remember their clean little faces and chubby feet. I let thousands of moments pass me by every day. Life is too busy and too exhausting to remember or appreciate them all. I try to take bedtime and make it a designated time for appreciation. I'm not always successful, but when I am, those moments are more precious to me than anything in the world.

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  1. Maybe you can take a video of the rocking to look back upon?


  2. What a beautiful post! I feel you there.

  3. I love locking in those forever moments=)
    E and L are just so, so cute!

  4. So, so true! They are both getting so big! It's amazing how time flies!!!

  5. I feel like with M I didn't pay attention to enough things. I was just so happy to have him and had so much going on with my life at the time his babyhood just raced by. I try to do a better job of savoring things now that I've realized how quickly it zooms by. If I get the chance to have another I am going to make more of an effort to just sit back and enjoy to simple moments.

    I am also not one of those fluid schedule moms. My husband on the other hand is that kind of person and he can't quite figure out why I insist it be that way.

  6. I love that feeling while you hold them & rock. My favorite feeling is when B looks up at me in the morning & smiles. I don't want to ever lose that feeling.

    Your babies are so cute. I love those comparison pics.

  7. I agree with everyone else... rocking a baby to sleep is the best thing in the world. Both my hubby and I love those moments when she just passes out on us and time stands still as we just take her in and enjoy that moment. I will miss it when it goes.
    And if you ever do put that feeling in a pill, could you also create a lotion that keeps my skin as smooth as a baby's skin. Thanks. :)

  8. Watching them grow is just so bittersweet. Glad you are capturing some wonderful memories to tuck away and look back upon.

  9. Nothing better than a rocking your (contented) baby moment. Last night I rocked mine well past the point where she fell asleep and found my head jerking as I awoke. I had rocked us both to sleep! :)

    It's good you are able to breathe in these moments. It's an easier perspective to have the second time around.

  10. They are so cute and so big! Love the rocking moments...

  11. What a beautiful post, I can relate to having those moments where it feels like time is freezing and moving too fast all at once.

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog today.

  12. What a great reminder to simply appreciate things as they are!

    And OMG, how much hair does E have already?!