Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blerg Humbug

I love the holiday season, but I'm having hard time getting into the spirit of things this year. Last year, I was pregnant and just beginning to show. This year I'm still trying to suck in my stomach, but for different reasons. I can probably attribute my lack of Christmas enthusiasm to the upheaval that continues to rule our daily lives. We still haven't moved. Everything is taking longer than I thought it would. We thought we would be in the new house by Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen. Now I'm afraid that we won't even make Christmas. We still need flooring in the new place and I haven't even begun to pack in fear that boxes will make an already crowded house even worse. No space means no tree or decorations, which makes me kind of sad. It's probably a good idea with a 21 month old in the house, though. I know that L will have no memory of this, but I always like things to look like Christmas.

Despite the frustrations, I can't say that life is so terrible. Thanksgiving was good, despite the cramped quarters. L was in heaven with my brother around and I just love seeing him play with his uncle.

Playing with Uncle Rob


E has started eating cereal and I think we'll soon start vegetables. I can't believe how quickly she's growing.

Silly Face

Last year, I asked everyone if they were going to cut back for the holidays. It doesn't seem that the economy has gotten much better and cutting back has become a way of life. Is that true for you? Are you going to cut back even further? If so, I'd love to hear how. The tip I recently learned from Darcie is to start reading the Walgreens flyer. I got almost $30 worth of free stuff on Sunday and I can't wait to go back! Where is your favorite place to save?


  1. YAY!
    I just love the freebies - even if we can't always use them ourselves - it's an EASY way to help others - we're able to give more to the families we've 'adopted' this holiday season this way -
    I'm happy to share what little knowledge I have!

  2. We are definitely cutting back - or continuing the cut back. After spending every cent on a new house this year, we're doing no presents for each other. The only gifts will be for the names we drew in the family holiday exchange. With no kids (that would know the difference) it seems like a good time to "skip" the holiday spending.

  3. I just checked out the Walgreen flyer to see what was free and I saw a Charlie Brown (table/counter top) Christmas tree... that might be a nice decoration that wouldn't take up too much room, at least to get you started on the season. :) We have been very careful all year on gifts for each other, setting a monetary limit. However, I found if you're creative & check out the clearance/outlet webpages for your favorite store, you can get quite a bit for not-too-much money!

  4. We are definitely cutting back, er, that is, cutting out. We are doing no gifts this year - for each other, for family. We bought a single present for the boys (which my mom then duplicated so they have two), and we may buy them a balloon for Christmas morning (their new fascination). That's it. In some ways, it feels sad to me, but in others, it's very freeing!
    I hope you find a way for your house(s) to feel like Christmas!

  5. I cut back at Target all the time and I love it. Saving money is full of The Awesome!

  6. Definitely cutting back this year, but its so hard to when you have so many nieces and nephews to buy for and they always choose expensive gifts!

    I love the pics of the kids in the previous posts, gorgeous :)


  7. I totally feel you on the humbug. Didn't even want to send Xmas cards this year, but the husband is making us. PLUS it is our year to host the hubby's family Xmas. So not in the mood. I do enjoy watching Joe get excited about the lights and decorations as we drive by other homes that are actually decorating.

    Looks like L and your brother had a blast together. That is the best!

  8. Such cute pictures! I am so sorry to hear that the move-in seems to be taking longer than planned. That can be such a burden on the mind when all you want to do is feel settled. Hopefully you will make it in by Christmas (with or without decorations). :)

  9. Are you serious? I can't believe what kind of savings you have managed to snag at Wal-Mart. Thanks a ton for this post. I am converted!

    Oh, and those pictures of your family were fun too. :)