Monday, March 8, 2010

The Plan 2010: February Update

The month of February was a blur of boxes, sickness and confusion.  The boxes are good because it means we MOVED!  The confusion means that I cannot find anything.  Well, that's not entirely true, but I will think of something I need and then realize that I have no earthly idea where it is.  The sickness struck our house again.  L was diagnosed with strep and was put on another round of antibiotics which seemed to disagree with his stomach.  We spent the wee hours of last weekend up and holding  a bucket under him while he threw up all night.  In the morning, he was fine.  We took milk out of his diet and it seemed to help, buy then he had a relapse and got sick at school.  So, I stopped giving him his meds and the throwing up stopped, as well.  He has his 2 year check-up today and I will be discussing this with his doctor.  This week, it was my turn to be knocked down.  For the past two days I have been completely flattened by a stomach bug,  It was not fun, but I did lose a few pounds, so maybe this is the weight loss jump start I need!

The move sort of put everything on hold this month.  We did eat out more, although that has stopped in the past week.  I have not been great about taking my vitamins, but since my stomach seems to like me again, I will be back on track with that, as well.  March has two big goals for me:

1)Start exercising!! - Our new neighborhood has a wonderful greenbelt and I am going to start using it this weekend.  I have been inspired by Danielle's success with the couch to 5K program and might give that a shot if I can work out a consistent schedule.

2)Get everyone healthy - This has been a hard winter and I am looking forward to a little more time in the sun.  I want to get us out of the house a little more and make sure that the kids are more active.  A little fresh air and sunshine can go a long way towards making everyone feel better, I think.

3) Get Organized - I have so many boxes to go through it's amazing and completely overwhelming.
My goal is to try to go through at least one box per night.  People tell me that it's the best way to unpack, but any tips that you have would be welcome.
Happy March, everyone!


  1. Hoping everyone is on the mend for good!! Congratulations on the house, too!!

  2. YAY for getting moved! Hope everyone feels better soon.

  3. I'm afraid packing and unpacking sucks no matter what. Ha.

    I can't believe L is almost 2. Such a looker! Hope you are all healthy again soon.

  4. Yay for being moved!

    I hope everyone is 100% soon. The Couch to 5K program is awesome!

  5. Oh yes, do start Couch to 5K! That's what got me going last June and you know what a good kickstart that was for me.

    I've got a foot injury (of unknown origin) that currently has me sidelined, and I'm *craving* going for a run; can you believe that? I just want to duck out for an easy 6k or so, which seems insane because it was only 9m ago that I was struggling running a couple of minutes at a time.