Friday, March 12, 2010


There were a lot of things I didn't appreciate in my younger days.  I didn't appreciate my wrinkle free skin or my flat stomach.  I didn't appreciate my ability to eat anything and not gain any weight. (Those days are O-VER.)  Most of all, I didn't appreciate my ability to sleep when I wanted.  Tired on a Saturday? Take a nap!  Feel like sleeping in?  Go ahead!  Oh, how recklessly I wasted my opportunities to sleep!  How carelessly I tossed aside a suggestion to "get some rest" or "take a nap." The current me wants to go back and yell at the 20-something me, "You fool!!  Sleep!"

I feel like I will never catch up on sleep. I am obsessed with it.  E still gets up a few times a night, or more, because of teething.  L is still adjusting to his new room and has been waking me up by coming to the side of the bed and handing me his pj bottoms and his diaper.  At 5am.  I feel like I am swinging back and forth on an endless ride of exhaustion, coffee and sugar.  I want to get off.  I want both kids to sleep so that I can sleep.  I hear about people whose kids sleep. Who are they?  How does this happen?  Being this tired is like having super PMS.  It makes you emotional and irrational.  I don't want to get all political, but sleep deprivation is torture, people.  If they need my kids at Gitmo, we may be able to work something out.  One week with my little angels and those terrorists will sing like canaries.


  1. Sleep, oh sweet sleep, how I've missed you.
    If we lived closer, maybe we could swap off nights and get a full night every other night. :)

  2. this is how i get Vincent and Ava to sleep. We have a routine that we follow, we go to bed at the same time and if they protest, they protest. Which sometimes takes consistency in my behavior. I don't check on Ava once I put her to bed unless she is really crying and even then, we go back to her crib once I reassure her.

    Keep working on that new routine in your new house. L and Em will get it!

  3. I think the lack of sleep is my biggest fear when I think about July.


    I hope you get a decent night of rest soon!

  4. I feel your pain! Hannah was always a perfect sleeper since she was about a month old. Carter on the other hand is up constantly in the night. I finally get some sleep around 3 a.m. only to get up for work at 5 a.m.! It is brutual!!!