Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Two Years

The last two years have been a whirlwind.  I look at E now and I see a little girl, walking, talking and interacting with the world around her.  In some ways, time has crawled, but when I see her playing with friends or laughing with her brother, it seems like time has raced by, never looking back.

I make mental notes to myself all the time of books and experiences that I want to make sure E has and things that I want to share with her.  I want so much for her to have the confidence that was so difficult for me to develop.  I want her to have the support system to propel her into life, full speed ahead.  Having a daughter is such a scary thing these days.  I see older children and teens doing idiotic things and exposing themselves to such dangers that I wish I could keep E in her crib forever, safe in her comfy cage until I lift her out.  That isn't the way it works, and even now I see the independent and stubborn streak that frustrates me and gives me hope that this is a girl that knows her own mind.

She is my smart, strong and beautiful girl.  I am so glad that she's ours.  Happy Birthday, E.  I love you.


  1. A wonderful post. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

    (And yeah, I get you on the whole difficulties with a daughter--its a new world for me)

  2. Happy Birthday, sweet E!
    My, where have the last 2 years gone?!?

  3. Happy Birthday E!
    I know you will be strong, and confidendt, & independent, because your mother is...

  4. Beautiful post! Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Em!

  5. Happy belated birthday E!

  6. Cant believe shes already 2...and what an amazing little girl she is--I have loved watching her grow!

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