Monday, April 19, 2010


When I entered the ALI community, I wasn't sure what my journey would be or who I would "meet".  I was fortunate enough to come across JJ's blog and when she organized a group of IF pen-pals, I signed up immediately.  Three years later, my journey has changed quite a bit and I know that I never could have made it without the wonderful Braces Bunch.

As we struggle with sleep issues in our house, I spend most days in a zombie-liek state.  It's Seussgirl to the rescue!  I received a wonderful package in the mail with lots of good things to help me wake up a bit.

                                                        Care Package

E tried to take the chocolate covered coffee beans.  Think again, my little night owl!!


I am so thankful to have these wonderful ladies in my life.  I count them all as friends and I hope we stay in touch for years to come.  Happy Anniversary, Braces Bunch!!!


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for being there since the beginning--love having you in the Bunch!