Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Plan 2010

Well, 2010 is almost over. One of the things I did at this time last year was set some goals and things that I wanted to do.  Overall, I have to say that this year was not as full of kids being sick and not as many feelings of being overwhelmed.  However, it was still very stressful and hectic.  I'm not sure that there are any goals other than "teach kids to feed, bathe, and dress themselves" that would help with the craziness.

One of the biggest changes was the health of the kids.  Last year they were both so sick.  This picture pretty much says it all:

This year, they were both healthier and enjoyed the holiday much more, I think.


Part of The Plan is to look at your goals throughout the year and see how far you've come OR decide whether your goals were even realistic.  Some of mine were not, I think.

Physical Health
I only really did one thing which was lose the weight. The rest were either never done or I started and didn't keep up.
 - lose and keep off the rest of the baby weight

 - Take vitamins!
 - Become more active
 - Yoga
 - Finish dental work that I've been putting off
 - Follow-up with breast surgeon

Mental Well Being
To a degree I did all of these things. The one I found to be the hardest was connecting with people. I have come to think that maybe my alone time has become more precious to me.
 - Ask for help when I need it (laundry, dishes, general tasks)
 - Simplify (Throw things AWAY)
 - Read
 - Make more of an effort to connect with people

The weekend never happened because of money and vacation time. I would really like to do something like that, someday, but I think that it will have to wait until I finish grad school I don't have a good grasp of this category. I would like to say I was a better friend, but a big part of me feels like this was a year where I hunkered down and went into self-preservation mode. M and I did get out more that we had previously and we did find a babysitter, although we never actually used her.  So, I think this category was sort of a draw.

 - Save more, waste less

 - Plan a weekend get-a-way with girlfriends
 - Make an effort to spend more alone time with M
 - Find a babysitter other than my parents
 - Complain less
 - Become a better friend
 - Become a better writer
 - Become a better photographer

 I'm doing this again in 2011 and will post about it soon.  I would love it if you joined me.  It has been a great source of reflection for me and I point to which I could return if I needed to revisit some of my goals for the year.


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  2. Happy new year and good luck with all your goals! Lovely pic of the kids playing. they are so adorable

  3. Happy New Year! I have a recap post for The Plan 2010...I put it on my blog and The Plan blog.

  4. Good job with the weight loss! That is always a toughy! Good luck on your goals for 2011, your babies are adorable!

  5. Good luck with the 'simplify' one - it's a toughie, for sure!

    Found you through ScaryMommy's list; am your latest follower ;)