Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Update


Oh, February, you kicked my ass.

It was a month of fun things and not so fun things.  We had the Superbowl and L's birthday, which were very fun.  In the other category, we had potty training and both kids being sick.  The thing I struggled with the most was food.  I rejoined Weight Watchers and am having a hard time adjusting to the new Points Plus system.  I know that I can go back to the old way, but I want to try to make this work.  I still don't like it, but I am going to keep trying.  I bought a new scale because the old one gave out, and the new scale added 2 lbs to my weight.  I went back anc changed my weigh-in weights so it measures correctly, but seeing that higher number didn't do much for the old ego.  I also saw a photo of myself that was taken at L's birthday party and it was not good.  So, I am going to recommit to eating healthy and really try to identify my bad snacking patterns, which is what gets me every time.  So, as of the last weigh-in I have 12 lbs to lose.  Yuck.

My other big goal is to be more patient.  I find that my level of patience is directly related to the level of stress I feel.  I know that the stress won't be leaving anytime soon, so I really want to try be better at taking a breath and not letting everything get to me.  This will be a big challenge.

I wrote about my frustration cycle yesterday and I am looking forward to the upside of the cycle which should be coming SOON.

My Goals for March:
Start C25K again - didn't quite get to that last month
Clean out my closet
Track everything I eat
Make my annual physical appointment for April (Well Woman is in March)
Post to my Tumblr blog at least four times
Be more patient

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  1. good luck with your March goals - you will do great :)