Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Closet

When we moved into our house we had to replace all of the flooring. The carpet and tile were original and quite gross. The master closet was supposed to have carpet, but there was a very odd floor to ceiling shelf thing in there that was old and gross like the old carpet. We opted to not put carpet in there so we could rip out the weird shelf and still keep our move in schedule. It's had cement floors......until now.

M is very handy, but he is also meticulous. So, while things end up looking very nice, it takes a while. Add to that juggling kids and every day stuff, and it takes a long while. The closet is actually really big and M put in carpet tiles which are really cool. For storage, we bought some cabinets from Ikea.

Here is a view of the carpet tiles and the cabinet.

The funny thing is that many of my shoes and clothes have been packed away. I've been getting by with a lot less because I had to. I might just give the unworn clothes away. Obviously, I don't need them that badly.

That was my exciting weekend! I still have a lot to accomplish before Thursday, but we have free HBO and The Hangover is on, so we'll see how that goes.

1 comment:

  1. whooohooo!
    I can't believe it!
    Yes - M takes awhile to finish projects, but he is the most thorough person I know!

    Congrats on your new closet and really awesome looking shelves!