Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shots & Rockets

L wasn't able to get a flu shot last year because he was always, always too sick. So, we took advantage of this period of wellness (knock on wood) and got him a shot. I was conflicted about getting it at all, but I'll blog about that another time.

He did great and didn't cry at all! As a treat, M and I took him to a local diner for pie and ice cream.

I got the fried pickles and , but also ended up tasting L's pie. Oops.

Since L has been obsessed with all things NASA (can't imagine where he gets that) we picked up E from daycare and headed to Rocket Park. It's not a park as much as a large building that holds a Saturn V rocket. It's quite impressive and L loves it there.

Each stage is separated so you can see its inner workings, including its balls.

I mean, come on, this thing isn't phallic enough?

Outside there are some smaller rockets and engines to admire.

This was used to perform abort testing during the Apollo era.

It was nice to get some one-on-one time with L. It was a great afternoon!


  1. wooooooow. You have a super cool job. :) My husband LOVES all things NASA. Whenever we go anywhere that has the NASA channel we just sit and watch.:)

  2. Awesome pics! Those fried pickles look soooo yum!

    I'm obsessed with all things NASA, too! LMH has a space-themed nursery! We'll see if he gets tired of the stuff by the time he's older or loves it, too! :-) I hope he loves it...

  3. You are a wealth of NASA knowledge. I love that about you! I want to pin you down and have you tell me everything you know about it. It is so fascintating. You guys are so fortunate to be able to encourage Luke's imagination with those "buildings". Also, I want to hear more about "the balls". Did you know, I am all about "the balls"! :)

    You are doing great posting everyday! That is a huge accomplishment, in itself! xoxo

  4. Oh what I wouldn't give for a good fried pickle!

  5. Not sure what about the flu shot had you conflicted, but I felt very unsure myself. J is otherwise on the traditional vaccination schedule, and I absolutely believe in the necessity (and relative safety) of vaccines, but for some reason the flu shot had me scared. When I expressed this to J's doctor he asked if I knew anyone that got or died from Polio. I said no, of course. He said, "and yet you get her the Polio vaccine. But the flu kills thousands every year." In his opinion, it is actually the most important vaccine.

    Obviously everyone has different opinions on vaccines and again, I'm not sure what your conflications were about, but this helped me to be more comfortable with it. And J ended up doing just fine...