Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fold 'Em

Well, Kenny Rogers was right, and we know that when it comes to potty training L, we should fold 'em. I spent all weekend trying to bribe him with M&Ms and wiping urine off the floor. After an epic meltdown right around bedtime, I decided it wasn't worth the stress to either of us.

I'm actually very ok with this. Being tethered to the house while potty training seems like such a shame when the weather is so nice. We'll try again in a month and see what happens.

The day wasn't all bad, though. The kids helped me make gingerbread and then cleaned up

We even ventured outside, where they ignored all of their toys and played with rocks

I'm so lucky to have those two. They are amazing little people.


  1. As a nanny, I always felt like life sucked when my little friends were potty-training. Field trips were hard, playtime was hard, naps were hard. And that's when the kids were "ready." Luke will get it and do great when he's ready, and if he's not yet, don't kill yourself trying to make him ready. Enjoy the ease of adventures with diapers. Soon enough you won't be able to go five minutes without saying, "do you need to go potty?"

    They are gorgeous.

  2. I am just LOVING all your pix with the Instagram.

  3. Totally agree with Buck on this one. After the trials and tribulations I had with my son, I am sooo okay with letting Willow be in diapers a bit longer...(She is so not ready--but we are going to try over Thanksgiving weekend I think)

  4. Love the pictures of the kiddo's!! They are growing up so fast.