Wednesday, November 3, 2010

FourSquare - An Uninformed, Unsponsored Review


At first, I thought to myself, why are people always telling me where they are?  Then, how can you be the mayor of  Starbucks?  Ah, Four Square, the app that is part game, part stalking tool.  I initially refused to play because of all of the warnings about being robbed since everyone would know you are at Target and not at home.  Like anything else, though, it's only as dangerous as the amount of information you are willing to share.   I looked around and decided that it would probably be a good thing if I was robbed.  It would save me a lot of cleaning and unpacking.  So, I signed up. 

I like checking in and I've already been made the mayor of my workplace.! (That is actually kind of sad.)  I like seeing what my friends are doing and there's more than a little bit of vicarious living when I check to see who gets to go out on Friday nights.  It's funny how we feel the need to stay in touch every second of every day.  Twitter, Facebook, and Four Square are all ways that we check in and ask for feedback.  I am one of those people that check twitter throughout the day and put my thoughts, happy and sad, for all to see.  If I really stopped to think about it I guess I would have to ask myself what is missing from my real, in-person life that makes me seek feedback so much about every move that I make.   Or, I can go to Target and see if they've made me mayor, yet.


  1. I don't play any of those social network games, but I had been curious about 4 square. I mainly twitter or facebook while at work or at the end of the day at home--so I would not be roaming anywhere (and not being mayor of anywhere either!)

    I do agree about how much we rely on social networking for communication--some of which used to be filled by people in real life (or maybe it wasn't being filled, which is why we rely on them?).

  2. agreed. I initally resisted too, then I realized- I dont' have to say WHERE my home is. Plus I have an alarm let people try and burgle. I have retired people all around me that come over to check on me when I test it every month. When we first moved here, they would write down the lisense tag of all the workers that came over here "just in case".
    I feel very safe. LOL

    I like it in a weird way. :) Plus I am now Mayor of Rooms to Go and Interstate 10. (HA HA HA- Mayor of an Interstate. Isn't that awesome?)

  3. It's so funny about Foursquare, I thought the same thing at first. But now, I love seeing the vote badges come up, and where my friends (like you) are. It's lots of fun isn't it?!?

  4. I think the reason we all rely on these things is the connection. Many days of my life I feel closer to my online friends then the ones who live close and I see only 5 times a year. There isn't time for long conversations and visits in our lives, but there is time for fast communication!

  5. Haaaa! I love your innovative solution for unpacking. Steal my shit mutha fucker! Nice.

  6. Awww...I want to be yours and Suzy's FourSquare BFF's!