Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, the good news is that M finished the closet. We have a painted, carpet tiled room and I can't wait to get my stuff in there. The bad news is that it took him all day. All.Day.

We try to limit the TV watching for the kids, but on the days when I am solo and I still have to get a lot done, it's so hard not to turn on Nick Jr. We did pretty well. It was on in the morning, as usual, but was off for almost all of the afternoon.

If you have kids, how much TV do they watch? I'm curious.....


  1. I have a rule that has pretty much worked well for my son (and now my daughter). Weekdays - 1/2 hour of media in morning (this includes computer/videogames); 1/2 hour of media in evening (and then there are a lot of times that we have a family 1/2 hour of a television show we all like). Weekends I am more relaxed, but my general rule is that it is fine to have 1/2 - hour of something like a television show and then go out to play for a couple hours...and then have 1/2 hour of a videogame. Followed by something non-media related, etc.

    I also do not have him (or her) watch most of their t.v. alone. And we as a family watch movies, etc.

    (Pretty much it is moderation--and not many commercials)

  2. it totally depends on the day!
    we watch about an hour to anhour 1/2 of mickey mouse in the am w/ our cherrios and coffee.
    sometimes she watches olivia when she wakes up from her nap or elmo while i attempt to make dinner.
    sometimes it's just on in the background, but we usually just listen to music and DANCE!

  3. It is so much harder than I thought it would be to limit their tv time! Some days it's the only way I get anything done. They're allowed the hour of sesame street in the morning because that's when I put Bug down for his nap and clean up from breakfast and do laundry. Right now, they're allowed an hour of George in the afternoon so I can get dinner ready, but I hope to cut that back. It just stinks there aren't any good 1/2 hour shows on at that time for them. We don't have cable.
    We tried family movie night once and that was fun, so we might do days where we say no tv during the day to save up for the movie.

  4. Just chiming in on this, but I thought I would make you feel better by letting you know we watch WAY too much TV in our house! It's just a way of life. My kids aren't all THAT interested in it unless it's Phineas and Ferb, Backyardigans, or Mickey Mouse. Or football on weekends, because they love that bonding opportunity with Daddy.

    Luckily I work outside the home and they have no TV at daycare. Otherwise if I stayed home with them...Yikes. It would be bad.

    With all the travel I do lately, my husband just does his best to survive on his own with the kids so he's gotten them in a bad habit of watching it during dinner. We're working on that.

    But rest assured, SOMEONE out there is watching more than your kids!

  5. I'm not even gonna SAY how much TV my kid watches. I tried for like the first 3 years to limit it, then I pretty much said "Screw it."


    I console myself with the notion that he'll become a scholar of pop culture & gaming. Or something. :-\

  6. Mason watches way more tv than I would have originally wanted. Since I'm basically a single mom right now it allows me get stuff done. In the mornings it really depends on if I've finished getting ready by the time he gets up. If I get up late or he gets up early (which both have been happening almost daily since the time change) he watches while I get ready. In the evenings he usually watches while I get dinner ready (unless Mark has come by then I make them do something outside or in his room). Plus, with the time change there is less running and playing outside so I tend to pop a movie on right before bedtime to help wind him down. I try to take comfort in the fact that even though the tv might be on he very rarely actually sits and watches it-usually he is busy playing with his 500,000 toys at the same time.