Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This Is Not OK

I grew up n Texas, but my heart has always been in a colder climate.  I love cold weather.  I know that people will say, "Well, you've never lived in cold weather. Snow is a pain in the ass and the months of dreariness gets to you."  I have lived in cold climates, but family and other forces brought me back to Texas.  Otherwise, I would be living in a snowy place, trust me. 

We sent L to school with shorts on this morning.  Shorts on the day before Thanksgiving.  It is so hard to get into the holiday spirit when you have to run the AC and put on bug spray.  It's just depressing.  I am so tired of being miserable all summer and then still sweating in the humidity in the "winter" months, or should I say "month".  No matter how much you hate winter, you would not want this weather.  It's humid, your hair always, always looks bad and summer lasts for 8 months.  It's not a pleasant, Midwestern summer, either.  It's omygodi'mgoingtodie summer.  There are no seasons.  You don't really think about it until you go somewhere that actually has a fall.  Trust me, you would miss seasons.

If we were less practical, I think we would move just to escape the heat and occasional hurricane.  However, I think we're stuck here for the time being.  I resent it, though.  Shorts on Thanksgiving is just wrong.

What about you? Do you wish you lived in a different climate?


  1. I would have to move. Your climate is unacceptable! I live in Delaware and it's pretty nice to have the season match the holiday! It's in the 40s today!

  2. I grew up in the Midwest, but I find New England is milder. I like the New England seasons...although the sun does set sooner out here, so there are times I miss how long the sun was out in the Midwest.

    I don't think I could ever live in an area without the four seasons--although, as I have gotten older, I have started to lament snow more.

  3. I live in Ohio. HOme of unpredictable weather. It was 69 on monday and 27 yesterday.
    I could live in the summer for ever and ever and ever. I want to move some day to a summery climate, I'll visit the seasons.

  4. While I do love something about each season, I hate HATE winter. Hate it. Bone chilling cold, bitter winds. My 20 minute commute becomes 90+ minutes. One. Way. Getting two kids dressed for this weather? Ugh. Hats, boots, gloves (1 always goes missing), simple errands like getting gas or a gallon of milk become giant chores, especially with kids. the fact that we are holed up in our house for months on end when it is too cold to be kids are already stir crazy...I suppose you & I have the extremes of each climate....while I would hate christmas without snow...30 ABOVE zero would be awesome....maybe the perfect place for us is somewhere between here & there???

  5. Well, we get all four seasons here...err, usually. This year is ridonkulous. We live in what is called "tornado valley" and that's not a joke either. I love all four seasons, summer being my fav, winter being my least fav (except for C-mas!). I love the snow, but I hate the ice and brutal wind/ice. Cold weather makes my skin hurt, but I do NOT like to sweat:) I guess, if I could move anywhere, it'd be further south, but not too much. We have beautiful colors in the spring and fall, and the snow on our trees is breathtaking. The humidity is def. not something to cheer for. It's horrendous (as I know you are familiar with). What's the point in doing your hair when as soon as you walk out it goes all wonky?

    I don't really know what I'm trying to say. In short, we have all 4 seasons (usually) here, so you can come visit us!:)

  6. And then Thanksgiving night? We're putting jackets and hats on over our shorts! What the hell!!!

    P.S. November is's your December? LOL