Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making My List


One week from today it will be Thanksgiving Eve.  I can't believe it's already that time of year!!  We're hosting even though we still have mountains of boxes, but we'll make it work, somehow.  We are creatures of habit when it comes to food.  My dad smokes a Turkey, which is really awesome, and brings it with him so all we have to do is heat it up in the oven when we're ready to eat.  I thought I would share the dishes we're making and hope that you'll tell me about anything that you just couldn't live without at Thanksgiving.  If the recipe is online, I linked it, so check it out!

Side Dishes:
Mashed Potatoes - smooth, no skin or lumps

Sweet potatoes with orange glaze (my mom has been making this for as long as I can remember)

Green Bean Casserole - One of my favorites

Dressing - I just get one out of a box and add spiced walnuts and bacon.

Cranberry Sauce - I am making this sauce, which is so good.  It's easy and I highly recommend it.  I am also going to make Ma Stamberg's cranberry relish.  I am a big NPR fan and I have wanted to make this for years.  We'll see how it goes!

Rolls - of course

Salad - A little extra green

Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie - It's really good and probably the healthiest thing you'll ever see on Paula Deen's site.
Blackberry Pie - Every year I somehow manage ruin the pecan pie, so my parents are bringing one to put me out of my misery.

So, there you have it!  What are you having?  Are you staying in town or traveling?


  1. This year has just flew by, hasn't it?! I love Thanksgiving. We stay in town, but for the past few years we have gone over to a friends house for T-Day. Pies--we LOVE pies--and our tradition is Pies for Breakfast!

    My favorite is Pumpkin, my husband's is Razzleberry.

  2. Sounds soooo yummy--similar to my menu, so Ill just come to your house instead ;)

    Im attempting a pecan pie, too--never made one. Ive always done apple. Should I be scared?

  3. Mmmm...everything sounds delish!

    We'll be traveling up North to my aunt's for the holiday. I'm hoping to be in charge of bringing rolls this year! ;) But I usually make green bean casserole and a pumpkin pie.

  4. I love Thanksgiving food! The one thing we add that you don't list is baked corn. mmmm.....
    and I'm taking oatmeal cake to the in-laws'!

    We go to my grandma's on Thursday, and then my in-laws' extended family on Saturday,